JAYEECHI's process of creating plays is based on ethnographic research and the Collective Creation methodology, an inclusive theatrical technique that seeks to highlight spaces for participatory and collaborative artistic encounters.

The project OULAKÜ: ADIVINA, (TRIBUTO ESCENICO A LA CULTURA WAYUU), was awarded to the Corporación Cultural Jayeechi in the call for the National Stimulus Program of the Ministry of Culture 2021, creation of Community Theatre "Nuestro Barrio".

The proposal is framed within the need to offer integral training spaces for children and young people, with the purpose of generating activities of peaceful coexistence and social integration.

This community theatre initiative aims to contribute to the reaffirmation of the Wayuu ancestral identity, as well as to encourage human values from a creative dimension.

The staging includes children ages 5 and up, youth, and adults, as a result of a laboratory that explores a symbolic language based on theatrical images and percussion rhythms.


Cristina Pimienta Barros and Enrique Berbeo García

Researchers, Advisors and Choreographers:

Eduardo Lázaro, Alexandra Mosquera and Madelein Benjumea Gómez. Music advisors: Edgar Gómez, Mingo Sánchez y Yeison Castro. Dance choreography: Carmen Vega and Isadora Gámez.